Sunday, January 31, 2010

Propeller Arcade: Atari Interface Test

I was actually hoping to be wiring up the actual control panel this weekend, but the ETA is Tuesday. This wasn't a huge setback as I still have a lot of work in several other areas of the project, those being the Propeller board itself, (A Propeller Protoboard with a few addons from and an Atari-2-Nintendo interface.

[Don't write me! Yes, I know my right hand from my left!]

In thinking about how to wire the panel itself, I thought it would be nice to follow some standards and give it an Atari/Commodore 9pin connection. This will allow me to test both the Propeller setup as well as the panel independently if I run into problems. There are just enough Unused pins in the Atari specification to pass the additional Nintendo B, Start, and Select buttons without a problem. For testing, I included an extra Start button on the interface itself.

Here's some additional close-up video of the menu system, (thanks Baggers!) and playing a few games.

More gaming... Was Boulderdash ever released as an Arcade? :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home Arcade Update

After some winter delay. (It's just too cold to work in my garage!) the home arcade project is making some headway! First of all, the idea of doing a MAME cabinet has been scraped. (At least on this one.) This is becoming a Propeller powered Arcade Machine!
After spending too many hours trying to tie down a deal on a 19" LCD monitor and NTSC-to-VGA converter, I finally realized that I had a 19" TV I had been nearly tripping over at the shop for months! A quick check revealed that not only would it fit the arcade, but was a perfect fit for the original tube (broken) which came with the unit.

People who know me, know that part of my fun in my Propeller project hobby is to let the project take it's own shape as I work. This doesn't always pay off, but is rewarding when it works. Take a look at the way the TV's motherboard fell right into perfect place. (Almost like I had planned it. :)

Yep.. There's the Propeller! Not where it will wind up when I'm finished, but kinda funny to see this big arcade box running off a single chip board. We never dreamed this back in the 80's when these machines were in every shopping mall.

Finishing the arcade controls is next!