Thursday, February 18, 2010

Propeller Arcade Gets a new Brain.

A package arrived this morning from containing a new Propeller Platform Module and Platform El Jugador Module. The Propeller Platform Module is an Open Source Propeller alternative to the Arduino, without all that silliness weird offset pin plugs. The El Jugador is a new gaming module or "shield" if you will that plugs into the top of the Propeller Platform giving you audio/video, SD, and two NES interfaces.

While I had already built my own version of this board for the Arcade, this combination gives me a professional look as well as make things easier for others who may want to follow in these footsteps. Both modules were well documented and only took a couple hours to build total. The quality of the kits are on par with the high standards I see from Parallax as well.

Another addition to PropArcade is the addition of two switches mounted behind the coin returns. One activates the power on/off switch of the television, the other is tied to the RESET pin of the propplug connector on the Platform Module.

At this point I have completely closed the Propeller Arcade, but won't be posting a final video until the new marquee artwork returns early next week. The family has already accepted this new member of our family with trips to the workshop to play Boulderdash, Hero, or Defender.

Stay tuned for a final video update next week!

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