Thursday, February 25, 2010

Propeller Arcade: Finished!

The Propeller Arcade is finally finished!

The new marquee was installed today giving the unit the final touch!
Complete photos, etc have been uploaded here.

In the meantime here's a quick run down on the changes made from when the unit arrived in October of last year (pictured on the right).

* Removed the broken arcade monitor and replaced it with a 19" television. (I've learned through this experience that the next arcade box I do will use an LCD monitor.)

* Added two buttons to the arcade panel, as well as had it sanded down and painted.

* Added the Propeller itself with games running as binaries from the SD card.

* Removed the Zookeeper marquee and replaced with Propeller Arcade Marquee. (Thanks to Jeff Moomaw of Johnson Hardware and Ron at Lettergraphics!)

* Rewired the controls to operated with both Atari and Nintendo Interfaces.

* Added a PC power supply to power both Marquee and the Propeller.

* Added two switches behind the coin return buttons which turn on/off the screen as well as reset the Propeller, returning it to it's menu.

All in all a great project. It was expected to be done in three weeks, instead took three months.


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Whit said...

Looks great OBC! Sorry for the deleted post - Sometimes my fingers don't type what I mean.