Sunday, January 31, 2010

Propeller Arcade: Atari Interface Test

I was actually hoping to be wiring up the actual control panel this weekend, but the ETA is Tuesday. This wasn't a huge setback as I still have a lot of work in several other areas of the project, those being the Propeller board itself, (A Propeller Protoboard with a few addons from and an Atari-2-Nintendo interface.

[Don't write me! Yes, I know my right hand from my left!]

In thinking about how to wire the panel itself, I thought it would be nice to follow some standards and give it an Atari/Commodore 9pin connection. This will allow me to test both the Propeller setup as well as the panel independently if I run into problems. There are just enough Unused pins in the Atari specification to pass the additional Nintendo B, Start, and Select buttons without a problem. For testing, I included an extra Start button on the interface itself.

Here's some additional close-up video of the menu system, (thanks Baggers!) and playing a few games.

More gaming... Was Boulderdash ever released as an Arcade? :)

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