Monday, April 6, 2009

SpinStudio Game Stacker Review

Next to Parallax, creates and sells some of my favorite Propeller compatible products, and I've had the good fortune to get a sneak peek at a new addition to SpinStudio. The product is SpinStudio Game Stacker. This module plugs directly into the four ports of SpinStudio giving you two NES controller ports, keyboard & mouse, composite video, left & right audio, and SD socket. While many Propeller boards have incorporated a debug LED. Game Stacker takes that one step further with an RGB LED.

This is a perfect product for Propeller game creation, or use as a PropMICRO Propeller based microcomputer. Dozens of great games remakes are already playable on this platform as well as a version of BASIC.

Game Stacker will be sold as kit with an expected price of $35.00. Of course you will need to order a SpinStudio board which comes with the Propeller for $34.99. uController kits come with easy to follow instructions and can be generally soldered together in a single evening.

For those who are uncomfortable with soldering, says "Please don't let soldering stop you from enjoying our products. If you want the kits soldered for you before they are shipped to you, please contact me and I'd be happy to assemble them for you for a modest charge."