Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning something new: Robotics

It's time for another personal challenge, Robotics. I've never proclaimed myself to be a mechanical engineer, (or even play one on TV) Generally, if it has gears and mechanics, I tend to run for cover. It's time to stretch out again. I'm going to take a shot a the creation of a HERO 1 replica. The HERO was originally an expensive robot kit produced by Heathkit.
Like the portable Propeller, I set a target budget of $150.00. I'll be using a Propeller Protoboard to control all of the movement, take commands from a keypad, as well as the robot voice. It will be approx 1/4 scale of an actual HERO. I'm waiting for parts, but here's where the budget is right now.

Parallax Protoboard $20.00
Ping Sensor $29.00
2 Continuous Rotation Servos with wheels $34.00
1 Servo $freebie

I expect to be learning about plastic forming. More about that later.

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Faraoman said...

Did you ever managed to get the robot measures to rebuild it?